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WK-EOS-6 Button Keypads

Rako lighting wired RK-EOS-6 keypads 


Rako wired lighting WK-EOS-6 Antique Bronze keypad Rako wired lighting WK-EOS-6 Matt Bronze keypadRako wired lighting WK-EOS-6 Matt Black keypadRako wired lighting WK-EOS-6 polished brass keypad

Rako wired lighting WK-EOS-6 Polished Chrome keypadRako wired lighting WK-EOS-6 Satin Chrome keypadRako wired lighting WK-EOS-6 White Metal keypad

Rako Wired WK-EOS-6 Keypads
Rako lighting offers a complete wired lighting control system with programmable keypads.  

Each Button is individually programmable enabling greater flexibility with a wireless installation
 WK-EOS-6 keypads fits a flat metal face plate and is supplied with hidden screw fixings.
Keypad Features
 All Buttons are individually programed, and can be used for light scenes, all off and raise lower and blinds control.
Keypads are wired on rako network
Each keypad has a LED feed back light.
Keypad Units
 6 Button Keypad - typically used for lighting control
 3 Lightscenes, Raise, Lower and All Off
Faceplate Options - 7 single flateplate options
 WH-White Metal with Metal Buttons
 SC- Satin Chrome Metal with Metal Buttons
 AB- Antique Brass with Metal Buttons
 PC- Polished Chrome Metal with Metal Buttons
 PB- Polished Brass with Metal Buttons
 BM- Matt Bronze with Metal Buttons
 MB- Matt Black with Metal Buttons
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Rako Wireless Lighting Control WK-EOS-6 Button Keypads | Wireless Lighting Systems