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Lutron European seeTouch QS 2-Button Wallstation

Lutron European seeTouch QS Insert Version - 2-Button Wallstation - Illuminated Buttons

Lutron Lighting Control Systems
Lutron European seeTouch QS 2-Button Wallstation Features
Lutron seeTouch QS 2-Button Wallstation has 2 button for lighting and shading control and 2 contact closure input connections
Often used in entryways or whole functions to select 1 Scene On and All Off.
Use with Lutron Grafik Eye QS light scene and shading controllers
Power up to 3 seeTouch QS wallstations directly off 1 Lutron Grafik Eye QS unit. To power 12 additional Wallstations use Auxiliary Power Supply - TU240-15DC-9-BL
Backlit buttons with optional engraving make it easy to find and operate the Wallstation in low light conditions
Optional button engraving is angled up to the eye for easy reading
Non-Insert Frame version
Light Control Features
Recalls preset light levels for two scenes (1 and Off; 9 and 10; or 13 and 14).
Each button will toggle a zone or a group of zones
Starts or stops one sequence (Scenes 5 through 16 sequence)
In Panic Mode: Enables or disables Wallstations and makes lights go to Scene 16
Contact Closure Features
Receives up to two contact closure inputs via a connector on the back of the seeTouch QS wallstation
When keypad is programmed as scene, panic, zone toggle or sequence, input 1 closure will perform the top button action, and input 2 closure will perform the bottom button action
When the wallstation is programmed as a partition control, input 1 and input 2 closures will close the partition, and input 1 and input 2 openings will open the partition
When the wallstation is programmed to fine-tune, input 1 controls raising (closure = start; opening = stop) and input 2 controls lowering (closure = start; opening = stop)
Sivoia QS Shade Control Features
Used to control multiple groups of shades independently from a single-gang keypad (e.g., a window with a sheer shade and a blackout shade)
Pressing the Open (or Close) button once will cause the window treatments to move to their fully open (or closed) position. Tap any button (regardless of function) to stop a shade that is in motion
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Lutron European seeTouch QS 2-Button Wallstation - QSWE-2BI - lutron lighting | eu online shop