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Lutron Grafik Eye Integrale GXI-3504 4 zone Lighting Control System

Lutron Grafik Eye Integrale GXI-3504 4 circuits with 16 mood lighting scenes, option for PC programme configuration

Lutron Lighting Control Systems

Use Lutron Grafik Eye GXI-3504 mood lighting scene controllers in your home. Either on a room by room basis or link the units together for a whole house system.

Entertainment: Use lighting to enhance the entertainment experience of your principle living spaces. Create different lighting scenes for different uses such as entertaining guests, watching TV, or a quite evening relaxation. Use lighting control to complete the 'Home cinema' experience.

Functionality: Add functionality to your home with lighting control. Set 'whole house' welcome home scenes, or with a single touch set a whole house evening light scene. The Kitchen uses different lighting for food preparation, breakfast dining for the family or evening dining for two. Create paths of lights from one principle living space to another, for example from the master bedroom to the kitchen via the landing and hall. One button lights a path through the house.

Security: Incorporate bedside whole house light control. Switches all the lights off from the bedside, likewise switch on certain lights in case of a panic. Add occupancy simulation lighting security, lighting that automatically switches on at dusk and off at a pre-set time so the property looks like someone is at home when your away.

Eco Energy: Grafik Eye provides two energy saving features. 1) dimming saves electricity; for example a light dimmed to 50% uses about 52% electricity. 2) soft start and dimming to 90% will extend the lamp life.

If you need help and advise with your project, then please email or call the sales order line on 07659170286.

Lutron Grafik Eye Integrale GXI-3504 4 zone Features
Lutron Grafik Eye Integrale GXI-3504 4 Zone Mood Lighting Scene Controller. Create and store mood lighting scenes for a single space.
Grafik Eye Integrale GXI-3504 can dim a very wide range of light types, which is ideal for commercial lighting requirements. See Grafik Eye 3100 Controllers for residential applications
Stores a total of 16 lights scenes. 4 light scenes can be recalled from the front panel, plus all off. Additional light scenes are recalled via additional Wallstations, interface units or remote controls
Wallstations provide additional points of control within the living space
The Grafik Eye Integrale GXI-3504 supports up to 3 Wallstations. For additional Wallstations, up to 16 in total, use Auxiliary Power Supply - TU240-15DC-9-BL
Link up to 8 Grafik Eye Integrale GXI-3504 Controllers and 16 Wallstations to create a multi-zone whole property installation
Grafik Eye Integrale GXI-3504 is PC Programmable for larger more complex installations, requires Liaison software and RS232 Interface
RF Remote Control is provided using the RF interface - this increases the range over IR control and provides you with more light scene controls. see Grafik Eye RF Remote Controls
IR receiver (40Hz) for remote control - see below for details
Integrates easily with touch screens and other AV equipment
Incorporate Blind and Curtain control via separate interface. see Grafik Eye Windows System
Acoustically silent unit using no coil technology, Auto-reset thermal overload and short circuit protection
Eco Features
Save electricity when dimming - (dimming for example at 50% uses about ~52% electricity)
Soft start and dimming to 90% extends lamp life - incandescent lamps by 2-3 times, LV halogen lamps by up to 10 times
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Lutron Grafik Eye Integrale GXI-3504 4 zone Lighting Control System - GXI-3504 - lutron lighting | eu online shop